This is NOT OKAY!

Why is it okay for any country to prosecute a foreign national for alleged offences committed outside that country’s own shores? If the US can do this to Julien Assange, they can do it to anyone, anywhere, any time. Including to you, no matter where you are! Whenever they like, for whatever offence they can […]

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Politics or Religion?

Avoiding a descent into the abyss… So which do you think I’m going to talk about in this post? Here are some clues. The following are some of the attributes that tend to be present… A power base and followers. A perceived need to control and expand their influence. A highly competitive nature that seeks […]

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What’s a job worth?

A long time ago, in a small town not so far away, I learned the value of that animal most oft referred to as “managing change.” I observed the approach of the animal like a floppy eared rabbit who just saw a fox. And like the rabbit, I would at the time have been happy […]

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